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Discover, Share, Live God's Love

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About Us

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Trinity Church is an Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Bethlehem. We are a downtown church that draws people from all around Easton.

Our community comprises a wide spectrum of people from the very old to the very young. We are married, single, widows, widowers, divorced, gay and straight. We speak English and Spanish and we represent many races and cultures. Our occupations and backgrounds are varied, but we all have one thing in common: God loves each one of us with an infinite love, and in Christ we are brothers and sisters.

In 2005, the Vestry of Trinity Church adopted this mission statement:

We discover, share and live God’s love as friends and apprentices of Jesus Christ.

We live out our mission in our community, in our ministries, and in our daily lives.

Discovering God’s Love

We are an Episcopal Parish in the Anglican tradition and we understand this means faithful public worship according to the Book of Common Prayer; union with the Bishop in faith and worship and active participation in the mission of the Diocese of Bethlehem.

We are a community who learns God’s love through our Adult Forums, The Church School, Care Circle, Bible Study, Lenten Studies, Quiet Days, and other times for learning and growth.

Sharing God’s Love

We are committed to reaching out through personal and corporate evangelism to include those who seek God or a deeper knowledge of God.

We serve our community by ministering to peoples needs in a variety of ways: we feed the hungry and provide hospitality to the lonely and outcast through our Ark Soup Kitchen. We care for those dealing with addiction through meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other groups. We minister in Northampton County Jail and deliver Meals on Wheels. Every month we support a different local or global ministry through our Mission of the Month. We partner with churches, synagogues, and agencies in Downtown Easton to minister to all God’s people.

Living God’s Love

Every Sunday we come together in the Holy Eucharist, the sacrament instituted by Jesus Christ as a sign of His living Presence among us. We gather for prayer everyday at noontime, and through prayer and spirituality groups, Bible Study and Adult Forum we build each other up in Christ in loving, practical ways.

We are also a community that enjoys doing things together. Whether it is bridge club, our booth at Easton’s Heritage Day, a book club, a parish dinner or coffee hour, a bike ride in Hugh Moore park or a picnic on our front lawn, we find God’s  love in the simple joys of being together.

Friends and Apprentices

As followers of Jesus Christ, we seek and serve him in all we do. We believe that in faith and through baptism we are adopted into Christ’s family, the Church (Romans 6:3-8). Through our prayer, worship, study and our daily living, we live in daily relationship to God in Christ. In the Gospel of John, Jesus describes his followers as “friends” who learn from him (John 15:13-15). We seek as a community of Christ’s people to learn and do the work of Jesus.

Our liturgy begins with your family, our family, but it always ends with one family.

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