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Trinity Clergy and Religious #2 2016
Palm Sunday Procession 2011
Trinity Rainbow Flag June 19 2016 - 3
Trinity RSCM 2016
Trinity Picnic 2014
Trinity Rainbow Flag June 15 2016 - 29-11-2011 Chorus
Trinity Picnic 2015


We learn God’s love at Trinity Church.

As baptized Christians, we have been adopted in Christ’s body the Church and are nourished by him. In our baptisms, we become followers of Jesus Christ and we seek to know him in every part of our life.

A follower of Jesus is also called a “disciple.” We tend to think of the disciples as the original followers of Jesus, and that is true. These first followers are a model to us today of what it means to follow Jesus as Master, Teacher and Lord.  To be a disciple is to be a friend and apprentice of Jesus Christ.

We are a friend of Jesus because he loves us, calls us, and knows us.

We are an apprentice of Jesus because we want to be like him and, through the Holy Spirit, teaches us to love God with all our heart, mind and strength and our neighbor as ourselves.

Therefore Christian formation is a lifelong journey beginning with our baptisms and continuing our whole lives. Our formation programs attempt to help us grow in Christ’s love and friendship and become more proficient followers.

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