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We discover God’s love as we care for one another at Trinity Church.

Pastoral care in the Episcopal Church takes place in the context of a worshiping Christian community. How we care for one another is directly related to how we pray and worship together. The dignity and beauty of our worship points us to the glory of God, the dignity of all people and the beauty of creation.

Christian caring is grounded in Christian community and is the responsibility of each member of the Church. The priest has certain important roles, but pastoral caring is not limited to the clergy. It is a ministry of all God’s people.

At Trinity Church, we embody Christ’s love and care for us in our ministries of caring: lay pastoral visitors, ministries of remembrance such as greeting cards, baptismal anniversary cards, our parish cycle of prayer, holiday flower delivered to homes, are just a few of the practical ways that Christians care for each other in our parish.

Marking important moments in life also correspond to important spiritual mileposts. Weddings, baptisms, visitation of the sick, funerals, house blessings, anniversaries, coming of age ceremonies (such as la quinceanera), graduations and other life transitions are often remembered either in our Sunday worship or in special liturgies.

These worship services are times also special times for the parish community, as well as individuals and families. We remember these as a worshiping community because these moments are important spiritual, as well as social, hallmarks.

In this section is information about the various pastoral offices offered at Trinity Church. What is listed here is not a comprehensive list. If you have any questions, please call the parish office.

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