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How to become a member

A person who regularly attends worship at Trinity and routinely receives Holy Communion and begins to take part in the life of the parish is known as a communicant.

To become a member of Trinity is to be a “baptized member.” When we record your baptism, then you are a member of the parish. This is done either through a letter of transfer from another church  or through the rites of Baptism, the Renewal of Baptismal Vows or through Confirmation.

Baptism is another way you can become part of our parish. Learn more about baptism here.

A Letter of Transfer may be arranged through the Rector and/or the parish office. Contact Sr. Patricia-Michael Hauze, our parish administrator to learn how this is done.

Pray, Work,  Give.

Adult members of the parish are baptized persons who take part in public worship regularly, and who support the ministry of the parish with their time, talent and treasure.

Membership is more than just joining an organization. It is the way in which we participate with Christ in His mission and learn to follow Him in our daily lives.

Pray. You can be a part of this vibrant community first by worshiping with us.

Work. Getting involved in one of our many ministries is a way making your faith real and alive. Completing the interest survey on our membership form, or taking part in a Spiritual Gifts survey which we offer from time to time is a great way to know where God is leading you.

Give. Membership includes supporting the work of the parish through our gifts. Our time and talent is important, but we must not forget to support the parish financially as well. Voting membership is based on those who come to worship regularly and who routinely give to financially support the work of Trinity Church.

Deepening your Experience.

To get the most out of your membership at Trinity, it is good idea to make worship a regular habit, take part in classes, get involved in the ministries and groups of the parish, and give to support the ministry of Trinity Church.

Say it loud!

A person who desires to make a mature, public confession of the Christian faith before the congregation can choose to be confirmed by Bishop.  It is also sometimes called reception (for those who have been confirmed in another tradition) or reaffirmation of baptismal vows (for those returning to church after a long absence or who wish to deepen their spiritual life).  Learn more about confirmation here.

Learn more.

To obtain information on baptism, confirmation and becoming a member of Trinity, arranging a visit with clergy, or for more information on marriages, home communion, etc., please contact the parish office at 610-253-0792.

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