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A Guide to our Worship

We are glad you are here.  Please join us for the Holy Eucharist, the oldest act of Christian worship.  From earnest times Christian men and women have gathered to hear and respond to the Word of God, to offer their prayers for the world for which Christ died, and to break bread and share in the supper of the Lord.

In the Episcopal Church, all baptized Christians are welcome to receive Holy Communion.

The service is found in the Prayer Book (the red book with the gold cross on the cover) beginning on page 323 Rite I – 8 AM) or page 355 Rite II – 10:30 AM). Weddings, funerals and other rites  are also part of the Eucharist.  If so, they will be announced by the officiant or will be outlined in the service bulletin.

Our bulletin contains information as to how to follow the liturgy. The 10:30 am service is printed in it’s entirety in each week’s bulletin.

You may want to follow the liturgy carefully (in which case the information at the bottom will help), or you may simply want to listen and watch, allowing the words, movement and color to direct your devotion and meditation.  Either way is a way to God.

We hope that your time with us will be a way for you to find God.  If we can help further, please speak to a parishioner or one of the clergy.  You may also call the Parish Office (610-253-0792) Tuesday – Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM.

A Guide to the Eucharist:

  1. The Liturgy begins on either page 323 or 355 (At 10:30 it is found in the bulletin)
  2. Readings: The first section of the bulletin contains the days lessons. Usually two or three are read
  3. A psalm my be read or sung after the first reading. The psalm is said at 5pm Saturday and at 8 am Sunday (in the first section)… It is sung at 10:30- see the bulletin for music
  4. A homily or sermon follows the readings
  5. The prayers of the people follow. This form is found in second section of the bulletin. During the silences you are welcome to add (silently or aloud) the names of those for whom you would like to pray
  6. A confession of sin may follow. During the penitential seasons of Advent and Lent, the liturgy begins with the confession and absolution.
  7. Following the absolution, we greet each other at the Peace
  8. After the altar has been prepared, and the gifts of the people have been received, we continue with the Great Thanksgiving
  9. The Lord’s Prayer is said
  10. The Liturgy ends with Holy Communion, a prayer after communion, the blessing, and closing hymn followed by the dismissal

How to receive Communion

When you come forward for communion, you receive the Bread by coming forward to the communion station. Place your hands together, palms up, cradling your right hand in your left. the priest will place the host in your hand.

You may receive with Wine in one of two ways:

  1. Consume the bread and sip from the chalice, guiding it with your hands.
  2. Or you may carefully dip the bread in the wine when you come to the Eucharistic minister.

If you wish to receive “in one kind” only (that is, to not take from the Cup), consume the bread and then return to your seat. If you are in the chapel, at the communion rail, you may cross your arms in front of your chest as the Eucharistic minister approaches.

If you do not wish to receive communion, you can still participate: when you come to the rail, simply fold your arms across your chest and the priest will offer you a blessing prayer.

Gluten Free wafers
If you wish to receive but are on a gluten-free diet, you are still welcome.  Simply inform the priest at the communion station.

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