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Trinity Clergy and Religious #2 2016
Palm Sunday Procession 2011
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Trinity Rainbow Flag June 15 2016 - 29-11-2011 Chorus
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Trinity Store

Trinity Store is a ministry to the congregation and community. The store sells books, Bibles, Prayer Books music, icons meant to help us follow Christ and deepen our Christian life. We also sell gifts, cards, stationary, artwork and jewelry for any occaision. The store is staffed by volunteers from the parish and is open between worship services and by appointment. The store is also open during Heritage Day and the Holiday Craft Show.

Bibles, Prayer Books and Hymnals are always sold at 10% discount.

The store net proceeds support the parish’s minsitry with 10%  of all net proceeds supporting Trinity’s outreach ministries.

Contact Karen Miles via the parish office at (610)253-0792 ext. 201 or e-mail

Trinity Store is a member of Episcopal Booksellers Association, Inc

Special orders are gladly accepted.  Please do NOT include payment information in any e-mail correspondence. A Trinity Store representative will contact you to obtain payment and shipping information. Orders will be shipped once weekly.  In addition to what’s shown on this page, there are many more items available in the display cases at Trinity such as wooden crosses, collar pins, decals, etc. Please stop by!

Click on an item’s photo to see a larger version.

Picture of Item Item Details Price
LinedCross Lined Cross Sterling $23.95
BraidedCross Braided Cross Pewter $15.00
DogwoodCross Dogwood Cross Pewter $15.00
NailCross Nail Cross Sterling/Stainless Chain $17.95
RibbonCross Ribbon Cross Sterling/Stainless Chain $17.95
DSC00032 Line-on-line Cross Sterling/Stainless Chain $21.50
DSC00033 Cufflinks – Jerusalem Cross $15.95
DSC00034 Cufflinks -  Chi Rho Contact Trinity Store for Price
  1. Trinity Cross
  2. Trinity Cross
  3. 4-Way Cross
  4. Celtic Cross
  1. $5.95
  2. $5.95
  3. $6.95
  4. $5.95
  1. Log Cross
  2. Four-Way Cross
  3. Flower Cross
  4. Four-Way Cross
$5.95 each
  1. Simple Cross
  2. Chain-wrapped Cross
  3. Memorial Cross
  1. $13.00
  2. $15.00
  3. $17.00
DSC00038 Visor Clips – Angel, Holy Spirit or
Serenity Prayer
  1. Holy Spirit Key Ring
  2. Jerusalem Cross Key Ring
  3. Chi Rho Key Ring
  1. $4.95
  2. $4.95
  3. $5.95
DSC00040 Protect My Pet Medals Pewter or Brass $4.50
DSC00041 Anglican Prayer Beads with Pouch Various Designs and Colors $22.00
DSC00042 Women’s Book of Uncommon Prayer $23.00
DSC00043 Three Children’s Books by Anne K.
$6.95 each
DSC00044 The Bible in Stained Glass $12. 95
DSC00045 Christian Planning Calendar Contact Trinity Store for Price
  1. New Revised Standard Version Bible & Apocrypha
  2. NRSV Bile & Apocrypha -Large Print Edition
  3. Oxford Annotated Bible
  1. $27.00
  2. $36.00
  3. $46.50
DSC00047 The Book of Common Prayer Various Styles $13.50 – $54.00

  1. Lost Icons
  2. Rowan Williams – An Introduction
by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan
  1. $15.95
  2. $12.95
  1. Welcome to Sunday
  2. 101 Reasons to be Episcopalian
  3. 2000 Years of Prayer
  1. $11.95
  2. $7.95
  3. $24.00
DSC00050 Cross Ring Sterling $25.95
DSC00051 Bookmarks – 5 ribbon and 8 ribbon $3.95  $5.95
DSC00052 Faith, Hope and Charity Bookmarks $8.95
DSC00053 Drinking Mug with Biblical Drawings $2.50
DSC00054 Christmas Ornaments – Angel, Snow
Flake, Crèche, Wreath
Contact Trinity Store For Price
  1. The Worlds Above – Choir of Grace
    Cathedral, San Francisco
  2. Hymns of Grace – Men and
    Boys’ Choir of Grace Cathedral
  3. Compline: The Shadow of the Wings -
    Christ Church Choir
CD’s $16.95 each
  1. Brent Lamb – Right Now It’s Raining
  2. Dick and Mel Tunney – Legacy
  3. The Wills – The Church Shall Forever Stand
Cassettes $3.95 each
DSC00057 Advent Calendars $1.95, $5.50, $7.50

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