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Trinity Easton’s On-Line Academy with ChurchNext

“Discover, Share and Learn God’s Love” with expert teachers in Scripture, liturgy, and important Christian topics through ChurchNext, Trinity’s on-line Adult Formation Program.

Students can interact in a safe, online environment that’s convenient, engaging, and free to TrinEast students.

Start here, sign up and you’re ready to go.

Start with How to the Take a ChurchNext Class

Then check out these other classes:

  1. Grieving Well with Canon Andrew Gerns, Rector
  2. Start a Family Devotional Time with Canon Anne Kitch
  3. How to Help a Sick Friend with Dr. Joyce Mercer
  4. Holy Communion 101 with James Hamilton
  5. Introducing Episcopal Worship with James Hamilton
  6. The Episcopal Tradition with the Rev. Dr. Frank Wade
  7. The Gospel of Mark with David Lose
  8. The Gospel of John with Karoline Lewis
  9. Introduction to the Bible with Marek Zabriske
  10. Introducing the Gospels with Michael Card
  11. How to Be a Crazy Christian with Bishop Michael Curry
  12. The Spirituality of the Book of Common Prayer with Fr. Karl Ruttan
  13. Introducing Christian Baptism with Canon Anne Kitch
  14. Adult Baptism in the Episcopal Church with Canon Anne Kitch
  15. Preparing for Infant and Children’s Baptism in the Episcopal Church with Canon Anne Kitch

More Classes are being added all the time!

Look out for Group Classes, too, such as:

  • How to Be a Crazy Christian with Bishop Michael Curry

How do I take a course at Trinity’s On-Line Academy?

  1. Look at the list of courses offered, and find one you like. It is strongly recommended that you begin with “How to Take a ChurchNext Class. ”
  2. Contact Patty at: or Fr. Andrew at and let us know what course you’d like to take; give us your email as contact information.
  3. We will then get back to you with an email “invitation” to that course (it will say that the invitation is from Patty or Andrew).
  4. (When you receive an email invitation be sure to click on “display images” if they aren’t already displayed.)
  5. On the invitation, scroll down to “Click here to join this class” and click;
  6. You will be asked to create an account if you don’t already have one, and because you don’t have an account yet, follow the instructions to create an account: * Provide your title, first name and last name; * Then enter a username (usually your name or email address) and password (enter the password twice as instructed); Be sure to write this password down and keep it somewhere accessible, as you will need it whenever you access the university or a course. * Click on “Register now.”
  7. Click on “Start” to begin your course!
  8. You will receive an email after you’ve registered in the course with your username and a link to the course. Be sure to save this email as it will lead you to the course whenever you want to access it.
  9. Once you’ve joined Trinity Easton’s On-Line Academy, you can take any of the other courses offered there without having to go through the earlier steps.

For more information, contact Father Andrew at or via the parish office, 610-253-0792.

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